Useful Web links to other AML / FATF publications

Sr. # Document Weblink
1 AML Act 2010
2 Anti-Terrorism Act 1997
3 AML Regulations 2015
4 FATF Recommendations
5 FATF Guidance on the Risk-Based Approach for Accountants 


6 Typologies / Case Studies
7 United Nations Security Council Consolidated Sanction Lists
8 List of ‘prescribed organizations’ issued by Ministry of Interior
9 List of Proscribed Persons issued by Ministry of Interior
10 CTR Form
11 CTR Form Filing Guidance Notes
12 STR Form
13 STR Form Filing Guidance Notes
14 Red Flag Indicators
15 List of High Risk Jurisdictions as per FATF
16 List of Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring as per FATF (Grey List)
17 goAML User-Guide for Stakeholder