IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts – International Guidance Material

IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts – International Guidance

IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts is the first truly international and comprehensive IFRS Standard for insurance contracts. It is effective from January 2021 and will require all insurance contracts to be accounted for in a consistent manner.

Technical Services Department of ICAP has compiled a list of useful international guidance material to help you understand and apply IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts. These articles were developed by external organisations and were not reviewed, drafted or approved by ICAP. ICAP accepts no responsibility or liability that might occur directly or indirectly as a consequence of the use, application or reliance on these resources.

Comprehensive Guides

IFRS 17 Effect Analysis

(May, 2017 | IASB)

In Depth – A Look at Current Financial Reporting Issues

(June, 2017 | PWC)

IFRS 17 First Impressions

(July, 2017 | KPMG)

Detailed Summaries

 Project Summary

(May, 2017 | IASB)

IFRS 17 Introduction

(May, 2017 | Deloitte)

 IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts ‘Deep Dive’

(July, 2017 | Deloitte)

 Insurance 17 – Impacts for Reserving

(August, 2017 | Deloitte)

IFRS 17 Impact Assessment

(September, 2017 | Deloitte)

 IFRS 17 What to do now

(2017 | EY)


 IFRS 17 Fact Sheet

(May, 2017 | IASB)

The Accounting Model

(January, 2018 | IASB)

 IFRS 17 Technical Summary

(2017 | Deloitte)

Insurance Accounting Alert

(May, 2017 | EY)

 IFRS 17 & IFRS 9 Bridging the Gap

(2017 | Deloitte)

 IFRS 17 An Opportunity to Rethink & Revolutionise Accounting & Steering in the Insurance Industry

(November, 2017 | Deloitte)

Impacts of IFRS 17

(2017 | EY)

 General Insurers

 IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts for General Insurers

(June, 2017 | PWC)                                                                                                               

IFRS 17 Disclosures

 Illustrative Disclosures for Insurers

(January, 2018 | KPMG)

 IASB Interactive Forum

Transition Resource Group for IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts (TRG)

The Transition Resource Group for IFRS 17 (TRG) is one of the ways the IASB is supporting implementation of the new Standard. The purpose of the group is to:

  • provide a public forum for stakeholders to follow the discussion of questions raised on implementation; and
  • inform the Board in order to help the Board determine what, if any, action will be needed to address those questions. Possible actions include providing supporting materials such as webinars, case studies and/or referral to the Board or Interpretation Committee.

Transition Resource Group for IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts

First technical Discussion of IASB’s IFRS 17 TRG

(January, 2018 | EY)

 Learning material

IFRS 17 e-Learning