Compilation of Key Audit Matters (KAMs)

One of the biggest change to the auditor’s report is the communication of KAMs. KAMs will provide an opportunity to the auditors’ to share the matters that their judgement were of most significance in the audit of the current period financial statements. The auditors’ of the listed companies are mandatorily required to communicate KAM(s) in the auditor’s report.

This section contains compilation of illustrative KAMs, extracted by the Technical Services Department from the auditor’s reports of over fifty international entities.

These KAMs have been compiled in 25 different sectors, and are for the members facilitation and illustrative purposes only. ISA 701 requires the description of a KAM(s) to be tailored to the facts and circumstances of the individual audit engagement and the entity in order to provide relevant and meaningful information to investors and other users of the auditor’s report.

  1. Airline
  2. Automobile
  3. Banks
  4. Building Materials Manufacturers (Cement and Steel)
  5. Chemical
  6. Construction
  7. Certification and Testing
  8. Distribution Company
  9. Engineering
  10. Entertainment
  11. FMCG (including Beverages)
  12. Funds & Investment Companies
  13. Intelligence, Publishing and Event Management
  14. Insurance
  15. Oil & Gas / Minerals Exploration & Production
  16. Pharmaceutical
  17. Packaging
  18. Power and Energy
  19. Retail
  20. Technology
  21. Telecommunication
  22. Tobacco
  23. Tourism and Hospitality
  24. Sugar
  25. Textile