BCR Criteria

Annual reports are evaluated on the basis of the ‘BCR and NPOs Criteria’ which is reviewed by the Evaluation Committee, a sub-committee of the Joint Committee, on a regular basis in order to keep pace with the international best practices and the local reporting frameworks.

The companies who are participating in BCR Awards are encouraged to perform self-assessment of their annual reports using the self-assessment checklist given below in order to conform to qualification benchmark.

The Criteria may be downloaded from:
BCR Evaluation Criteria
Year 2020 BCR CriteriaNew Self Assessment Checklist BCR Criteria 2020
Year 2019 BCR Criteria Self Assessment Checklist BCR Criteria 2019
Year 2018 BCR Criteria
Year 2017 BCR Criteria
Ratios and Suggested Formulas For the BCR Criteria
FAQs for BCR criteria 2019
BCR NPOs Evaluation Criteria
Year 2020 BCR NPOs CriteriaNew NPO self-assessment excel check list 2020
Year 2019 BCR NPOs Criteria NPO self assessment excel check list 2019

For the Best Sustainability Report Criteria, visit the BSR section.