Accounting Technical Release

Accounting Technical Release (TR)  provide guidance on issues which are not covered by any of the accounting and reporting standards. Technical releases are now issued by the Institute’s Accounting Standards Board and formerly were issued by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

A comprehensive review was carried out in 2012, and TAC withdrew the TRs which are now adequately covered by the standards.

TR-1    Withdrawn-( Capitalization of Interest on Loan )
TR-2    Withdrawn-( Financial Statement Presentation – Credit Cards )
TR-3    Withdrawn-( Depreciation Treatment in Tax Holiday Companies )
TR-4    Withdrawn -( Gratuity – Provision in the Accounts of Company )
TR-5    IASB Standards – Council’s Statement on Applicability (Revised 2016) (New)
TR-6    Fixed Assets Inventory and Records (Revised 2012)
TR-7    Withdrawn– ( Revaluation of Fixed Assets )
TR-8    Clarification Regarding Basis of Calculation of WPPF (Reformatted 2004)
TR-9    Withdrawn – ( Treatment of Post-dated Cheques or Promissory Notes )
TR-10    Withdrawn – ( Deferred Taxation )
TR-11    Withdrawn – ( Depreciation on Idle Property, Plant and equipment )
TR-12    Withdrawn – ( Debt Extinguishment )
TR-13    Withdrawn – ( Accounting for Compensated Absences )
TR-14    Withdrawn – ( Revaluation of Fixed Assets – Accounting Treatment)
TR-15    Withdrawn – ( Bonus Shares-Accounting Treatment)
TR-16    Withdrawn – ( Pending Litigation Settled in Favour of Client)
TR-17    Withdrawn–( Finished Pieces of Equipment held by Manufacturer for Customers)
TR-18    Withdrawn – ( Good Accounting Software )
TR-19    Withdrawn – ( Excise Duty-Accounting Treatment (Reformatted – 2000)
TR-20    Withdrawn – ( Accounting for Expenditure During Construction Period)
TR-21    Withdrawn – ( Date of Commencement of Commercial Production)
TR-22    Book Value Per Share (Revised – 2002)
TR-23    Withdrawn – ( Application of Lower of Cost and Market Value)
TR-24    Withdrawn – (Exchange Risk Fee-Accounting Treatment )
TR-25    Withdrawn – (Prudential Regulations for Banks)
TR-26    Withdrawn – (Export Quota – Accounting Treatment)

TR-28    Withdrawn – ( Golden Handshake – Accounting For )
TR-29    Carry-Over-Transactions (COT)
TR-30    WithdrawnIt is now placed as a selected opinion – ( Final Tax Accounting)
TR-31     WithdrawnIt is now placed as a selected opinion – (Annuity Method of Depreciation)

TR-32     Accounting Directors’ Loan